Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs

Bacon Wrapped Hotdog 3Okay, let me warn you that this recipe is not for the faint of heart. I do not claim that it is healthy or good for you in any way. So now that full disclosure has been stated, let me just say one word, bacon. Crispy, tasty bacon. The star of this recipe. It’s not really even much of a recipe. You need one piece of bacon per hot dog and a little brown sugar. That’s it.

First wrap a piece of bacon around your hot dog. Continue to do this until you have wrapped desired amount of hot dogs. You might need toothpicks to hold in place.

Bacon Wrapped Hotdog 1

Heat a skillet on medium high and add a tablespoon of butter. Add hot dogs to skillet and sprinkle bacon with a little brown sugar. Turn over midway, when the bottom side has browned and the bacon has begun to get crisp. Fry until the bacon looks cooked. Note: You might need to drain some of the grease from the skillet at this point. Remove hot skillet from heat. Carefully lift out the cooked hot dogs with tongs or a spatula. Place on paper towels to drain excess grease.

Bacon Wrapped Hotdog 2

Serve in your favorite type of bun with your favorite condiments. Do I get any stars for serving these in whole wheat buns?

Bacon Wrapped Hotdog 4

Remember, I warned you this wasn’t going to be a healthy recipe. But everything in moderation, right? Look past the tater tots. See the grapes? Did I mention, the whole wheat bun?


11 thoughts on “Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs

  1. Love your recipes and your humor! We all deserve to indulge once in a while so I say go for it! I’m going to try this one and I know my teenage boys would gobble them down. These would be great for parties too. To make it a bit healthier, use hot dogs that do not contain nitrites, nitrates or MSG. 🙂

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  3. Hope you don’t mind me attaching the pic with your awesome recipe! I wanted to show everyone how delicious these looked! I also sent it out on Twitter and Pinterest!

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  4. As a doctor most people assume that I would lambaste this type of recipe. Far from the truth. I believe health is about balance. If we don’t satisfy our needs for flavor and taste (in balance) with providing our bodies the nutrients it needs, we rebel and become out of control. I enjoyed seeing this recipe and hope all those hot dog loving fans give it a try. (maybe with a side of broccoli 🙂 )

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